Revisiting O.S.

as part of TANZLOKAL festival. A TANZFONDS Erbe project


"The dancer follows both the law of the body and the law of space; he follows both the feeling of himself and the feeling of space." (Oskar Schlemmer in: Bauhaus Books, Vol. 4, p. 15, 1924)

In a two-part choreographic research, Eva Baumann examines the aspect of the figure in space at TANZLOKAL, loosening up the seriousness that Schlemmer imposed on the moving body.

In humanoid * she bustled around the Württemberger Kunstverein as a faceless figure in the park and on the square around. A ghost from the 1920s or an extraterrestrial figure from a fictitious future? She reacts on the environment, the public space and the constantly changing group constellations, consisting of passers-by and curious spectators. From the observations of how the others behave in public space, a choreography emerges from the immediate moment.

(* humanoid (lat. homo 'human' and ancient Greek εἶδος eidos [ˈidɔs] 'figure' or 'human-shaped') all forms of life and machines are classified that have a human-like appearance)

In metamorph ** the dancer performed in the exhibition space of the Württembergischer Kunstverein. Like a moving painting, the body transforms into various forms and structures. The human, the animal, the object-like and the mechanical exist side by side and condition each other. But what can be recognised ? There are no limits to the viewer's imagination.

(** metamorph - (morph is based on ancient Greek μορφή (morphé) "Gestalt") his condition, his shape changing, English word: shape-shifter)

Idea, concept, choreography and performance: Eva Baumann

Dates September 2013
Place Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Revisiting O.S. humanoid/metamorph is a production by Eva Baumann, commissioned and produced by Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance Stuttgart in cooperation with Tanzszene Baden-Württemberg. Funded by Tanzfonds, Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart.

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