tracing O.S.

a performance in search of traces of Oskar Schlemmer

© photography Kiên Hoàng Lê

© photography Kiên Hoàng Lê

tracing O.S. is a transformation of Oskar Schlemmer's experimental Bauhaus stage into a contemporary costumed choreographic light concert. The piece is not a reinterpretation or reconstruction of Schlemmer's work, but a transfer of the artist's thoughts and experiences at the Bauhaus stage into the present media art, music and dance context.

The source of inspiration for the interdisciplinary expedition is Schlemmer's little-known diary notes and letters. It reveals the inner conflicts, whose conquest led to an artistic oeuvre without equal: painting or theatre, abstraction or figuration, human or technological. tracing O.S. takes up Schlemmer's interdisciplinary approach. In the interplay and dialogue of the disciplines dance, music, costume objects and light, a multi-layered staging emerges that deals with Oskar Schlemmer's ideas from today`s perspective.

concept, choreography, dance                                Eva Baumann
music, performance                                                     Klaus Janek
light/visual piano                                                            Kurt Laurenz Theinert
costume objects                                                           Katrin Wittig

World premier                                                                 march 27th , 2015, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
Performances/Touring                                                Uferstudios Berlin
Bauhaus Dessau/Bauhaus Stage
"Raumwelten.Platform for scenography, architecture and media"
at the Academy of Performing Arts Ludwigsburg,
                                                                                            Theater Rampe Stuttgart
FITZ! Theater animierter Formen, Stuttgart

tracing O.S. is a production by eva baumann tanz/produktionen and is co-produced by the Bauhaus Dessau/Bauhaus Stage and the Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance Stuttgart e.V. In cooperation with Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart.

tracing O.S. was sponsored by the Innovationsfonds by the Ministry for Science, Research and Art in Baden -Württemberg, the Cultural Affairs Office for the City of Stuttgart, the Karin-Abt-Straubinger-Stiftung and the Daimler AG.


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