a durational performance fusing dance, installation and sound art


interlaced is a duration performance that brings together dance, installation and sound art. Inspired by the Bauhaus pioneer Anni Albers, who revolutionized textile art and continues to shape it until today, the choreographer Eva Baumann brings the seemingly female cultural history of weaving to the museum as a site-specific performance. In a poetic way, the solo celebrates the devotion to craftsmanship in the age of fast-paced life. On 600 m², the dancer's body becomes a living exhibit, objects and materials become performers. Weaving is a metaphor for continuous modulation in the space, which visitors can explore freely. They are invited to change their perspective again and again, because while some parts of the performance can only be experienced up close, others require a different distance. 

Oskar Schlemmer's smug slogan "Where there is wool, there is also a woman weaving, even if it is only a pastime" makes clear how far the Bauhaus in 1919 was away from gender equality. Like many of her fellow students, Anni Albers was also forced into weaving, although she actually wanted to become a painter. Gradually, however, the woven thread sparked Annis' passion. With success: her works still inspire artists all over the world and her essays on design and weaving are still valid today: Anni Albers is also called the philosopher of the textile. 

concept, choreograph, dance / Eva Baumann
installation, objects / Anna Kubelík
sound art / Michael Tuttle
light design / Ingo Jooß
assistance program booklet, concept / Eva-Maria Steinel
expert / Dr. Ulrike Müller
public relations work / Katja Seneadza
internship choreographic assistant / Bárbara Conde
photography, documentation / Helga Kellerer

Premiere October 16th 2019 , 4 till 10 pm
further performances October 17th 2019, 4 till 10 pm
October 18th 2019, 4 till 10 pm
October 19th 2019, 7 till 12 pm (in the frame of “Stuttgartnacht”)
October 20th 2019 12 till 6 pm

Entering and re-entering the performance is possible until 1 hour prior to closure. There is no seating except a limited number of portable museum stools.

”And now dance the colour blue. Early modernism and the women at the Bauhaus.”
by Dr. Ulrike Müller (only in German) on October 17th, 2019, 7 till 8 pm. For further information visit here

Venue Landesmuseum Württemberg, Altes Schloß
Schillerplatz 6, 70173 Stuttgart

Tickets and link here and for Stuttgartnacht here